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Make World book Day 2018 The Best Yet!

March 13th, 2017 by admin

Hello seamstresses!


How did you enjoy World Book Day this year, was it a success? Was it a hassle? Whether your World Book Day was a disaster or a triumph, today I’m brining you some ideas to make next year a great one! These are all based off Roald Dahl books, but they could be adapted to suit whatever book you like!


Mr Wormwood- Matilda

“Take a look at you and me. You chose books – I chose looks.”-Mrs Wormwood

For the characters Mr and Mrs Wormwood, it’s all about over the top, gaudy and bold fashion choices. The tackier the better! For Mr Wormwood, I made a Burda 3403 Waistcoat and tie, in contrasting leopard print poplins. This clashing combo perfectly suits his character and it wasn’t too hard to make, the whole outfit could be made in a day. The fabric cost under  £10 and paired with black trousers and a shirt, this is a great outfit for you or your little one.



Grand High Witch- The Witches

“She is all-powerful. She is without mercy. All other Witches are petrified of her.”-Grandmother

The Grand High Witch is powerful and scary, so she needs an outfit that matches that! I wanted the GHW to have draped sleeves to accentuate  all her scary arm movements, so I bought a dress from primark for £4, and added sleeves, by cutting a square of chiffon in two triangles, folding them in half and then draping them over the sleeves. All I did to attach it was a few hand stitches and the neck, shoulder seam and at the end of the sleeves. It took about an hour, and as you can see it’s really effective.


Mary- The BFG

“The maid screamed. The Queen gasped. Sophie waved.”

Mary is the Queens maid, and her attention to detail makes her a very good one. This means that she would be dressed in a crisp white apron, and her headband would be nice and clean. This is one of the easiest costumes I made, as for the apron I just cut out a square of cotton and added lace trim around the edges, and sewed cotton tape to the top. For the headband, I used the gathered lace to it had the volume without me needing to do something to it, and I just added some elastic across the bottom.


I have been making so many costumes recently I’ll be putting out a part 2 soon- so stay posted!

Happy sewing

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