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Please welcome, Tilly and the Buttons!

February 21st, 2017 by admin

Hello sewers!

Today I come bearing exciting news, we are now stocking Tilly and the Buttons patterns! Tilly and the Buttons are an independent pattern company ran by Tilly Walnes, whose patterns revolve around being easy to follow and are made to suit the modern day figure. They are perfect for people who are just starting sewing as she explains all the sewing phrases that new sewers can find confusing. They are also great for long-time seamstresses as they offer something a bit different, as the patterns are more modern and quirky than the often used pattern companies. To welcome their arrival my mum made one of their popular patterns- the Coco Dress!

The Coco dress is a Jersey dress with an optional cowl neck that is really comfortable and effortlessly stylish. It took my mum a weekend to make, and she said it was a great intro to jersey pattern.


Her tip to anyone making a Tilly and the Buttons is have a computer handy as the pattern refers to the Tilly and the Buttons blog quite a lot, for tips and inspiration, although you don’t need these tips to finish the pattern, they can just help you out if necessary. Her machine wasn’t happy with the zig-zag stitch so she used the elastic stitch (just check your machine instruction book to see which is your machines elastic stitch)  and she said it worked fine.

I’m super excited to start making some of these, so here are my sewing plans for the future:

  • The arielle skirt: we have some lovely buttons in the shop at the moment, so this is a must-make.


  • The Agnes top: my cousin made these and they came out beautifully, so I think they’ll be a great intro to jersey pattern for me.


Also Abi is thinking of making the Cleo Pinafore, which would be easy because we have loads of dungaree accessories in the shop at the moment!

Happy sewing!

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