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No-sew fabric pictures

February 6th, 2017 by admin

My Mum made these this week to add a marine theme to our bathroom, and it looks so good I thought I would share how she did it!


1. Iron out the fabric to take out any creases

2. Cut the fabric so the piece is large enough to fit over to the inside edge of the canvas


3. Staple once in the centre of the longest edge on one side to check you’re happy with how the fabric looks when you turn the canvas over


4. If happy then staple along that edge

5. Stretch the fabric over the canvas and staple along the opposite edge


6. Begin to fold in the corners. This bit can be tricky so just remember to pull the material tight- like wrapping a present.


7. Do the same at both ends and if you like things really neat like mum don’t worry too much if the corners aren’t perfect, they’ll be against the wall.


8. If the are any kinks in the fabric, remove one staple on the longest side of the canvas, gently tease the kinks out and re-staple. Then you’re done!


HANDY TIP- Remember to keep checking the front of your canvas as you stretch the material to ensure the pattern doesn’t distort.


As you can see, this is a really quick, easy and cheap way to decorate any room.

Happy stapling!

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