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Batik Fabric

Batik Fabric

Batik dress fabric contains a wide range of colours which are usually very bold, batik is a dress fabric which makes it a great option when making clothing, the colours and patterns help to make clothing unique. Batik fabric is a traditional fabric and is often used in ceremonial dress however it is now also used in home furnishings, canvas wall hangings, and many other items. Batik is a versatile fabric and can be used in a variety of pieces.

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Spotty Batik Dress Fabric
Sea Island 6/261 Batik Fabric
Sea Island 6/272 Batik Fabric
Sea Island 6/273 Batik Fabric
Sea Island 6/280 Batik Fabric
Sea Island 6/281 Batik Fabric
Sea Island 6/298 Batik Fabric
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