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Gingham Fabric

Gingham Fabric

Used primarily for making dresses and items of clothing, gingham is one of the most popular fabrics that we sell. Aside from dresses, other uses for gingham fabric include curtains, tablecloths and quilting. Let your creativity run wild with our many gingham options. Available in a variety of popular patterns, gingham dress fabric from Remnant House are eye-catching and competitively priced, guarantee to look amazing no matter what you use them to make. And if you’re ever short of ideas you could always head on over to our online blog for some inspiration!

Our selection grows by the day and has fast become one of the most popular on our site. The low price of these gingham fabric products betrays the unbelievably high quality. These fabrics are an absolute steal and with a wide range of applications there’s very little you can’t do with gingham.

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1 inch Square Gingham Fabric
Poly Cotton Eigth Inch Gingham
Poly Cotton Quarter Inch Gingham
Cerise Check Fabric

Cerise Check Fabric

£4.25 £8.99

Bright Seersucker Fabric

Bright Seersucker Fabric

£4.99 £5.99

Double Checkered Seersucker Fabric
Plain Puff Gingham Fabric
Tartan Patch Cotton Poplin
Tiny Gingham Cotton Poplin
Puff Print Gingham Fabric
Chefs Check.

Chefs Check.

£5.50 £5.99

Seersucker Gingham Fabric
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