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Prym Love Shape Plastic Snaps
Prym Love Vario Pilers
New Look 6466 Sewing Pattern
New Look 6465 Sewing Pattern
New Look 6462 Sewing Pattern
New Look 6461 Sewing Pattern
New Look 6460 Sewing Pattern
New Look 6459 Sewing Pattern
New Look 6458 Sewing Pattern
New Look 6456 Sewing Pattern
New Look 6455 Sewing Pattern
New Look 6453 Sewing Pattern
New Look 6452 Sewing Pattern
New Look 6451 Sewing Pattern
New Look 6450 Sewing Pattern
New Look 6449 Sewing Pattern
New Look 6448 Sewing Pattern
New Look 6447 Sewing Pattern
New Look 6446 Sewing Pattern
Ville Fleurie Charm Pack Moda
Ville Fleurie Layer Cake Moda
Ville Fleurie Jelly Roll Moda
Flower Power Table PVC
Mexicano Table PVC
Tea Cake Table PVC
London Icons Table PVC
Europe Table PVC
Wine Labels Table PVC
Beach Huts Table PVC
Silver Stars Table PVC
Oriental Table PVC
London Table PVC
Nautical Table PVC
Vegetables Table PVC
Lemons Table Pvc
Glass Clear Glitter Pvc
Cici Dress Fabric
Jewel Cotton Tana Lawn Fabric
Connie Cotton Tana Lawn Fabric
Westwood Check Dress Fabric
Marcie Jersey Dress Fabric
Moira Viscose Dress Fabric
Hearts Topshop Dress Fabric
Dogs Cotton Duck Canvas Fabric
Bright Seersucker Fabric
Heavy Lace Dress Fabric
Mini Flower Guipure Trim
Butterfly Guipure Trim
Heart Guipure Trim
100% Wool Felt
Oasis Floral Dress Fabric

Cheap Fabric

There are a wide variety of fabrics to help craft your own clothing, home items and accessories, and Remnant House offer them all with a varied selection all available at competitive prices. For cheap fabric there is no better place to go, and a range of materials can be used to make whatever you desire. Clothing fabric, cotton fabric, dress fabric and sewing fabric are just some of the materials available at the Remnant House, and they can be shaped and crafted into the dresses and curtains of your dream.

Cotton Clothing Fabric

For those looking for a new hobby, or for those who want to make something truly their own, selection a dress fabric variety is a great way to do so. No more turning up at parties with the same attire, or having a house decked with fabrics that you had to choose just because there was no other option. Material available at Remnant House is great for themed events too, with a range of Halloween, Christmas and spring fabrics to make your house or outfit work with the seasons.

There is even fabric suitable for kids, so they can engage in the fulfilling and creative hobby of fashion and design. It could even put them on course for a future dream career!

Take a look through the site to view the full dress fabric collection, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for, and even discover some quilting fabric materials you weren’t looking for along the way that’ll brighten up your life!