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Moana Disney Cotton Fabric
LumberJack Fleece Fabric
Coral Bubble Fleece Fabric
Poly Velvet Fabric
Soft Dress Leathercloth
Cotton Voile Fabric
Quilters Pre Shrunk Calico
PU Backed Towelling Fabric
Sea Island 6/265 Batik Fabric
Sea Island 6/261 Batik Fabric
Sea Island 6/260 Batik Fabric
Sea Island 6/254 Batik Fabric
Sea Island 6/250 Batik Fabric
Sea Island 6/240 Batik Fabric
Sea Island 6/234 Batik Fabric
Sea Island 6/224 Batik Fabric
Sea Island 6/213 Batik Fabric
Sea Island 6/205 Batik Fabric
Sea Island 6/204 Batik Fabric
Sea Island 6/200 Batik Fabric
Sea Island 6/195 Batik Fabric
Sea Island 6/194 Batik Fabric
Dinosaurs Poly Cotton Fabric
Pineapple Denim Dress Fabric
Boats Denim Dress Fabric
Swallow Denim Dress Fabric
Coco Jelly Roll Moda Fabric
Marbles Layer Cake Moda Fabric
Coco Layer Cake Moda Fabric
Ruby Star Pop Charm Pack
Harlequin Polar Fleece Fabric

Welcome to The Remnant House

We are a family run fabric shop in the wonderful spa town of Harrogate, We have been here for over 50 years supplying fabric to the people of Yorkshire, our fabric experience spans two generations giving us a great understanding of fabrics and haberdashery.

We started sending fabric by mail order over 25 years ago and still send out our little catalogue, but 10 years ago we found a little area on the world wide web and The Remnant House Fabric online was live, since then the website has grown and we offer all types of fabric, dress fabric, quilting fabric, furnishing fabric and much more.

Our stock changes regularly so if you don't find what you would like please contact us and sign up to our newsletter (link here) which will keep you informed of our new products.

We supply fabric from all over the world, we try and source what we can from the UK, only buying fabric that we would be happy sewing with ourselves as we are a family run shop with 4 staff members, we have a good personal relationship with our customers, also having a good knowledge of sewing and crafting and each team member brings specialises in different areas.

So Whether you are looking for a quirky patterned material, a fleece material or even some haberdashery items, we are likely to have something for you. Our range includes specific options such as for dress-making, quilting and even dyeing; so you can be sure of all you need for textile-based hobbies,

Emma and Stephen Bank.