Dress Zips

Closed ended or dress zips are the choice in zips for most clothing, accessories, and some home furnishings. These zips will help you to ensure that your clothing is secure, and can be used within a variety of different items which require a zip. The closed end will be sewn securely into the item, and this will help to ensure that the zip does not become loose; all zips need to be sewn securely into the fabric.

Open Ended Zips

When it comes to zips, open ended zips are used very commonly in items such as coats and sleeping bags, sometimes it is important to be able to have access through both ends of a zip, or to be able to open something out completely and these zips allow for that. At The Remnant House we have a range of different coloured and sized zips for you to choose from, to help you find the right zip for your needs.


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